Growth means change

Into the future with a new digital experience technology

In terms of website traffic, is one of the 5,000 largest websites in the world. The website is one of TeamViewer's most important channels to the end customer and contains all products and services, a download area, eShop, forms, support and documentation as well as investor relations and HR.

With the ambitious growth and internationalization goals, it quickly became clear to those responsible at TeamViewer that the existing open source content management system Wordpress would no longer meet the requirements for scaling, maintainability and personalization in the long term.

The task was to create a new technical basis for a customizable, global digital experience platform at enterprise level - this was the starting signal for a new platform project.


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Industry: Software 

Turnover: around 566 Mio. € (2022) 

Employees: around 1.400 (2022)  

Project scope:


Requirements Engineering

Strategy consulting

Solution Design

Architecture consulting

Solution Development

Integration Consulting


Technology used:


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Dynamic Media

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Marketo

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Target


  • Gradual migration of all content and functionalities in hybrid mode
  • Integration of existing solutions and CDN infrastructure
  • Organized asset management
  • Professional form management
  • Fast implementation options thanks to multi-site management and automated translation workflows
  • Increased performance
  • Maximum availability and security


Still a long way from reaching the goal, but certainly richer in experience. The team trusts each other and sees the advantages of the agile approach (Scrum) in working together. Major milestones have already been achieved, setting the momentum for market growth and internationalization in motion.


The website is available in 18 languages and covers the specific requirements of over 59 markets in the respective language versions.




  • Development of a new digital experience platform
  • Development of a dedicated and needs-based roles and rights system
  • Development of components based on the AEM Core Components
  • Development of forms (Contact Us Form, Request Demo, E-Mail Sign Up, Promotion, Trial, Webinar & Event Registration and Whitepaper Download) for easy integration into the website
  • Consistent use of content and experience fragments to set the course for headless content at an early stage
  • Integration of web analytics for tracking website and forms
  • Integration of Adobe Target for personalization on the website
  • Integration of the "Onetrust" consent management system
  • Knowledge transfer: implementation of training courses for the team of authors
TeamViewer Authoring Environment

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